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December 30, 2004


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» Saturday, January 01, 2005 10:59 PM from Critical Section
Chris Anderson says recommendations rule! Yes, they do. They are "an essential element in realizing the potential of the Long Tail: providing recommendations to help others venture confidently down the Tail into what would otherwise be a bewildering... [Read More]

» The diversity of choices available due, to a large extent, because of the Internet, make influencers even more important than they were before. from Wagner's Weblog
One of the most valuable functions they perform is to narrow your choices. A shopping list of a million items is worse than no list at all, but if you can narrow that list to, say, a dozen candidates, you can start making some intelligent choices. Exam... [Read More]

» Recommendation economy from Like It Matters
The world is too much with us. A surplus of choice. The Chinese menu folding out into too many panels. We need the filter. A finger pointing things out. That's another key element of the long tail. Not only do... [Read More]

» Long Tail from I Speak of Dreams
The long tail and school choice [Read More]



I personally beleive that recommendations are the future of selling things both online an in the bricks and motar stores. May I also recommend Sourcelight's movie discovery as a way of getting movie recommendations independantly of any DVD server. Check it out the Movie Discovery Engine

Rhapsody Radish

As a contributer to Rhapsody Rockshool and founder of The Rhapsody Radish

I must say the Long Tail is saying what I have not been able to communicate. Your blog was a very exciting discovery.
And we thought MTV changed the music business? Ha!

Magic Genie

Check out the GenieLab Music Recommendation System


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Check out the FreshNotes' Related Article Engine. The company is providing easy-to-use content recommendations for online publishers with integration as simple as using AdSense.


I think the problem with these specialized blogs in trust. How can I trust someone who says that he is a professional if I've never seen him? The more small blogs, the more information that needs to be confirmed.

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The web has definitely changed how product recommendations are done these days. A good example is twitter and its use by wired companies and media icons like Oprah.

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