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April 10, 2005



[last paragraph]... and the power to carry around all our content with us and, thereafter, to play it on any availible devices/systems is one that we (that is to say the 'ipod generation') all want.

and to get that content, we don't want to pay for a way to get content, we want to buy specific content and watch it, listen to it, show it to our friends, carry it, wear it; to use it on our terms, however we can. not how someone else thinks we want to. so if we could just legally buy the content that we want, and use it however we can.. we wouldn't need to steal the 'open' copies.

Johnny Lumber

I haven't seen anything written about the cultural fragmentation effects of this trend. I'm 52. In the household I grew up in my father decided on much of what got watched on our 1 TV. As a result, I have more than a passing familiarity with the culture of my parents generation. At the same time, they became aware of the Beatles , Rolling Stones, etc. The time is already here where one generation hasn't a clue as to what the others are interested in.

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