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July 11, 2005


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What a great post. I wasn't personally affected by this, and, as can happen with stories of this kind, I had only heard parts of the story so therefore thought Wired was turning over people who just weren't re-upping. Glad to hear that's not the case and glad to see your personal attention to the matter.

I hope people who don't read your Long Tail blog get a chance to read your statement.

- Vaz

Patrick Di Justo

I haven't had a single problem with my subscription. No collection agencies, no badgering letters, nothing.

Sometimes I get three copies of the same issue, but I don't count that as a problem.

Ian Ozsvald

Good story - nice to see someone who cares. I'm not a subscriber so this doesn't affect me - but I'd like to be. Every time I go to the site I see "Subscribe - save over 80% and get a FREE Gift!" and I think 'cool!'. I see it'll cost $10 for 1 year - great! Then I notice that this is the US price and I live in England.

Instead it is $70 for me, basically the same price as I can buy it for in the store with no 12 month lock-in. Is there any chance of cheaper subscription for UK residents?

Michael Parekh

As a reader of Wired from its infancy, I must say the way you've handled this issue is excellent. It should be a model for other magazine companies.



this isn't enough, why hasn't the collection agency been fired? If they are serious that would be the first step!

chris anderson


It has been. Pls see the Chronicle story, which discusses this.


That's very reassuring. I'm a fairly new Wired subscriber and I was concerned when I heard about the subscription renewal issues.

Nick Fessel

I was one of the subscribers who was inundated by threatening letters from Conde Nast Collection agency. I am glad the agency was fired, but this entire problem should have been avoided to begin with.

Those letters caused me much stress. My subscription expires in a couple of months, and I have no plans of renewing. Ever.


I'm in the same boat as Ian O. Reader since issue 1.01, subscriber for a while when I lived in the States (service was bad back then, but it was a long time ago), but now a resident in Germany.

The prices on overseas subscriptions have always seemed like discouragers, rather than any real reflection of the costs involved. Amazon can send me US and UK books at not much above cover price. Why is a Wired subscription more than six times the US price? And surface mail? That's like saying magazines will arrive at random intervals. (Actually, this was a problem when I was a US subscriber in 97-98 and the main reason I let it lapse.)

Anyway, the prices seem to me like a signal that the magazines aren't seriously interested in overseas sales (fow whatever reasons). It's actually a long-tail-like market. There are probably, in aggregate, a significant number of people outside the US who would like to read Wired in print form. But reaching them is not easy, and so far the magazine has not made it easy for us to come to it. So the money is left on the table.

Roland Kofler

When I changed Credid Card the customer service told me, i should fax them my new numbers. Living in Austria I'm not going to fax my CC to the U.S., no way sirs!
but asking for an alternative didn't help. Do you going to have a secure form for things like that (don't get me wrong, but its not rocket science)?


I'm an international subscriber in the UK and logged on today to renew my subscription. I'm shocked that the renewal price has risen to $120! The way loyal international customers are treated is outrageous, how about a discount for our loyalty? Considering that I can get a 'new' international subscription for $70 (using another link on the website), and that US residents get a whopping 12 issues for only $20 the price difference is unreasonable. In fact the current offer allows US residents to give a free wired subscription to anyone they want making that $10 for 12 issues. It's fair to say that international subscribers are being ripped off.

I've been a subscriber since issue 2.01 and will probably no longer buy Wired.

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