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December 19, 2004



Does your deal (on which congrats, btw) mean it's all over but the writin'? Oh momma! Been there, almost didn't do that. Hell of a way to say hello, given that we now have cellphones implanted in every orifice (WIRED, 10/2000), but that's all this is: a hiya -- via a notice on JOHO. seriously, great to hear this news! -RB


This is great news since I thought the The Long Tail was excellent, yet left me wanting more. Here are my comments on the original article.


Ken Houghton

Hillary (_It Takes a Village_) was an established Best-Selling Author.

Bill was joining the long venerable tradition of (to be polite) books by ex-Presidents that people buy for a few weeks before most of the copies are remaindered and/or given away by The Heritage Foundation.

If anything, the spread should have gone the other way.

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The Long Tail by Chris Anderson

Notes and sources for the book

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