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December 22, 2004


Al Abut

Sorry, where does he write this? Google's giving me no love.

Love the new blog and congrats on the book.


i'd like to read Mann's piece, as well, but am having no luck finding the article you mention.


I've seen the quote before. Isn't there a similar one from a Russian playwright about happy and unhappy families?


While it's probably true that content "down the tail" is going to be different, it's not strictly because it's down the tail that it's different, it's because its audience is different.

Content out on the tail is directed specifically at those who share a particular, unusual interest. It's not meant to have broad appeal or even to make converts. It is simply directed at those who share the interest.

Content in the center of the bell curve can share this characteristic and sometimes does. Television, a for-profit medium driven by advertising, must appeal to as many people as possible. A blog about, say, NASCAR, is not very far out on the tail of the curve, but it's still aimed at a fairly focused group.

Michael Bernstein

Al, use Amazon's 'Search Inside' function to look for the word 'vulgar'. The quote is on page 37.

John I.

Yeah....nice point :)


I wasn't sure I got the long tail thing.. then I read that quote and suddenly it all made perfect sense. Cheers for that.


This is so true and for the most part, the lowest common denominator rules the media and the markets surrounding the media.

The long tail is more like the record collector who hunts for LPs in the deepest darkest holes.

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