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January 25, 2005


Gary Potter

Sounds like sensory overload is an accurate interpretation.

Just an Observer

Sounds like India is at the same point the West was about 150 years ago, as it transformed from agrarian to industrial. I wonder if this is an inevitable stage in the transformation of agrarian economies?


Dear 'Just an Observer', believe me India was well ahead of any western nation (not a myth, a fact) even before 150 years. Remeber we were screwed by muslims for last 900 years and then the 150 years that you refer by the same Western folks, who were plundering our remianing (which was LOT) wealth. What you are seeing is just resurgence of our rightful place, of dignity, self-respect and progress. And dont give the crap of British made us make progress. Those mother fuckers (as well as the muslim bastards) ruled lots of other places, give me a single example of a country that has recovred from their atrocities.

Venkat Ramanan

Hi Chris and Hi all!
It's great to read about one's country making news in other countries, if it is for a good reason! and yes, here, Chris talks about Mumbai and has said he will speak about Bangalore. These two cities are often spoke of in the media, but there are more cities in India to witness the surge of the working class. Cities like New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune are making waves and gartner too predicts that Hyderabad and Chennai would overtake Mumbai and Bangalore to become Tech Hubs in the near future. I invite Chris to also travel in these cities, especially Chennai (That's where i live) to see for himself the Tech jobs created and the way cities are shaping up to counter the challenges created. The very fact that British left us in a very despicable state in 1947 and the very fact that The western media speak of "Surging Economy of India" in early 2000s speaks volumes about India! Hey World, That Day is not too far!!!

Senthil Kumar

The only thing I hate here is, it masks all my navigation thru out this site and makes me start all over again.

Thera Castelar

I think the thing with India is that they are skipping right past the industrial stage, going from agrarian to post-industrial, or the information economy - whatever you want to call it. The Indian media is going crazy about a new report released by a trade group in the US saying America's brain drain will be India's brain gain as so much of its native talent goes back home. I found the report at: http://www.aeanet.org/competitiveness

Brian Lobo

The India that I remember is an India of shortages and long lines. No matter what it was - the bus stop, the railway station, the bank, the movie theater, the store, to pay any bill, telephone connection. You name it, there used to be long lines. Another inconvenience was the lack of public toilets or running water. However the people all had a ton of patience and good cheer.

Stephen Freeman

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I found Maximum City a great book (I read it just before landing in Bombay!), well written and extremely intelligent.
However, I think it is having the effect of scaring (western) people about Bombay.So many people who read the book told me “I am not going to set foot in Bombay whatsoever!”
The deep humanity of the people of Bombay does not emerge from the book, or in a way it is submerged by its crazyness.
Anyway, I loved the book and I do love Bombay.


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The fact is that India has exploded, and their economy will eclipse the US very soon. Lots to learn from the Asian country.

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