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January 02, 2005



I've always felt that there is something illogical or unnatural about the world economy regarding this issue. For at least the past couple hundred years or so, the world's wealth has been built upon serving a tiny fraction of the market.

However, the popularization of some technologies in this "top market", which enables the harnessing of the long tail as a marketing strategy, should not be mistaken with the ability to include the rest of the world in the consumerism community, provided that the latter is believed desirable.


The "BOP" market is a very old idea. In fact, the Europeans were making cars long before Henry Ford. However, they were hand-making expensive luxury cars for rich Europeans. High profit margins, but very low volume. Henry Ford understood that the "mass market", which had lower profit margins but very high volume, had far greater profit potential - IF a way of could be found of making lots of cheap cars.

The rest is history.

I think the BOP concept is nothing but mass marketing, extended from the national markets of the 20th century to the global markets of today. Oh yeah, and given a fancy new name so that people will look at it with fresh eyes, so as to clear see the old truth.


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I would say how the shape of business is changing fundamentally because of new ways of doing business, enabled by technology. His basic insight deals with the removal of the biggest limitation of traditional business, the “tyranny of physical space.”...


This makes a lot of sense. The bottom of the pyramid is a lot larger than the top, with much less competition.

Lots of folks are doing this and making loads of cash, look at Walmart for a good example.

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