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April 01, 2005



Your article has spurred quite a bit of discussion within ID; at least within some circles. I eagerly posted it's link on the Core forum when it first appeared online - link.

I also posted it to a small but interesting b-movie forum for people who make those indy flicks we all wonder about while browsing the offerings at the rental store. Distribution is always a hot topic there. With BitTorrent and a new way of thinking about the market, it's only a matter of time before they all catch on imo (many are already experimenting with delivery systems). Some of us designers would like to follow their lead with solid, tangible product delivered in ways previously prohibitive.

So this is me saying thanks for writing the "The Long Tail". It's saved others far less eloquent the effort of trying to explain a future we both hope for and antipate.

C Sven Johnson


"The Tail is about creating pockets of absolutely devoted users in a sea of others who don't get it, rather than fitting everyone out with the same taupe cargo chinos."

You mean, like Apple computers?

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