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May 08, 2005


emeka okafor

The long tail would also apply to the market for Nollywood Movies (http://timbuktuchronicles.blogspot.com/2003/11/incubator-nollywood.html) that appeal the similarly widely spread African Diaspora.

james governor

take a look at emusic's selection of bhangra and bollywood. its HUGE, and they came along one day...

Richard Campbell

Rented per quarter, not per month. "On average, members rent 98 percent of Netflix's movie titles each quarter"

chris anderson


Good catch. I've fixed it. Thx!


The real long tail with bollywood movies is the piracy industry it has spawned. Almost all indian stores in the US carry pirated cassettes, cd's and showcase them brazenly in the store. They don't have to worry about inventory because they simply copy more if there is a surge in demand for any title.
You can call these stores the long strands of hair on the long tail!
Unrelated to the post but related to the long tail...you should look at work by Barabasi (http://www.nd.edu/~alb). He has a paper in the current issue of Nature suggesting that human behavior exhibits a "heaavy tail" in some aspects.
This would predict that individual buying stats should reveal a long-tail which is correlated to the perceived risk of that investment (e.g. indie movie, unheard of book).
Does this mean that the long tail is (also) because of an otherwise typical customer making an abnormal buy, or a consistently atypical buyer investing in his interest, which differ from the usual?


The facts and figure in your write-up/site are really amazing; I am a person who has just entered in to the Bollywood film industry and have completed first ever H.D.(High Definition) mode Movie in Hindi in the world known as 'Kahin Ek Raat' and also took over one running 'post production studio' in Mumbai; I want to know more about the possibilities of direct distribution of my above film?
thanks and regards

Rajesh Shah

They have about 1200 different titles of Hindi movies. I have been a memeber since they opened, in January. They have improved since then. And they contiune to add new titles, as i can see.

Rajesh Shah

Sorry teh Companies Name is Hindiflix. and their website is www.hindiflix.com

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Bollywood has come a long way from unethical money to corporate financing era, as well as marketing online with their own website design particularly to themes and online contest, which is creating a positive effect and people are showing interest in bollywood.


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