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June 19, 2005



You should just delete all of the posts except the 10 most popular ones. I mean, if the rest didn't get as much traffic, they're not worth keeping around, right? :)


Hey Chris,

Thought you'd be interested in this article. It features the long tail in reference to Powerlaws written in 2003 http://www.shirky.com/writings/powerlaw_weblog.html



I love your blog; it's already made my "A" list. What more can I say but keep writing!


I think you're well over 1000 bloglines subscribers...

You link to this feed in bloglines:
http://www.bloglines.com/userdir?siteid=602068 (rss?)

but, I'm subscribed to this feed there:
http://www.bloglines.com/userdir?siteid=888411 (atom?)

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