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July 02, 2005



The problem is that there is TOO MUCH choice in many consumer items these days. It isn't because consumers want so many choices, but because it benefits the sellers to have many choices, as it makes it easy to befuddle the average consumer. If, as a seller, you do a good job of this, then you might just be able to sell a crappy product for a higher price.

With the TV example, you'll find it next to impossible to compare models. Oh sure, there are comparison matrices but the sets are designed so that they all have a slightly different set of features and functionality. It is near impossible to compare apples to apples. This is how the sellers beat the technology of consumers being able to compare prices on the net. This also works to the seller's advantage when they advertise "lowest price". Even with major brands, some large sellers have the manufacturer build models to their specifications and add some letter or number to the model designation. You won't be able to find this model at any other local store and therefore, any guarantee of lowest price is meaningless.

Regardless of technology, the seller almost always maintains the advantage when it comes to selling to consumers.

Vegas Nitro

As hinted in the last paragraph, maybe the long tail requires significantly different features/attributes between each product to really work. But unless manufacturers start to really customize TVs on demand (à la Dell) I don't really see it as a Long Tail problem. It's more like the classic "low margins / high volume" vs "high margins / low volume" marketing concept.

Josh Ray

I wouldn't say this is a weird wormhole so much as an ADVANTAGE of the long tail.

Simply, it's weeding out the knock-offs, junk-models and other products that prey on consumer ignorance.

And this isn't unique for TVs - all electronics have the same issues. Speakers, DVD players, computer accessories, and more all face this copy-cat competition.

To give an example, a friend of mine recently purchased a $40 no-name DVD player (cyberhome ch-dvd300s) at Best Buy which, when popping in a DVD, proceeded to freeze. She returned the piece of junk and spent $80 on Sony's cheapest, yet rock-solid, model.
I tried to advise her to look the no-name up on cnet before buying, but she didn't and now she knows.

I imagine as "review-aggregation" becomes more widespread, these no-name companies with nothing unique to offer (other than a slightly lower price) will quickly lose their uniformed purchaser base and fold.

Interestingly, a GREAT example of the long tail in electronics is high-end audio. While Bose, JBL and others have the main market, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of equipment manufacturers that make amazing gear that costs exponentially more than anything coming out of the big companies - just pick up a Stereophile magazine to see the madness.

Redwineaudio.com is a great example of a small outfit that, through forums and e-mags like 6moons.com, was able to get a foothold in a hyper-competitive industry by selling home-made electronics that simply sound awesome.

Also, here's an interesting example of a custom long-tail TV manufacture:

BTW, I discovered your blog through infotalk and love it. I'm sure future books will be seen as, well, unacademic if written in any other way than on a blog.

Josh Ray

Blind me, I didn't notice the hannspree link at the bottom of your post.
Yes, not only do they make heli-TVs, but they also put LCDs inside of flowers, baseballs and stuffed sheep.
Interestingly, crazy electronics like this have found home in Akihabara for years. Now with the internet's global reach, bizarre niche products are finally disseminating into homes all over the world. (I imported a crazy Konica Minolta camera case from Japan just the other day...)

Francis Hamit

That part about the sellers knowing more than the buyers has a neat counterpart called Zipf's Priniple of Least Effort. That means that buyers are lazy and tend to buy an item the first place they find it. That's true for big ticket items as well as the Life Savers next to cash register. Price is less of a consideration than getting on with your life. Electronic databases are a case in point. The same articles available for free at the Public Library cost three dollars per copy and up on Lexis-Nexis, Dialog, Factiva et al. The distribution is done by the same aggregator. So, it is only the brand name of the service that adds value.

Larry Irons

It strikes me that the issue you raise depends on televisions as well as other displays remaining flat. As displays become flexible the variety of ways televisions and other displays mold to our everyday life will make them increasingly personal.

Eric Goldman

This post caught me off-guard, because I would have assumed that the Long Tail theory doesn't really apply outside the context of media content. And that's because I thought the Long Tail develops from reduced manufacturing and distribution costs. While big-box products like TVs may see some incremental benefit from disintermediation, the effect seems wholly insubstantial compared to the disintermediation in media. So maybe the wormhole you've identified is really just the quirks of trying to apply the Long Tail theory too broadly...? Eric.

Francis Hamit

Well, Eric, disintermediation does work for phyisical goods. It is how Amazon captured most of the used book business. There are 800,000* third party dealers selling books though Amazon marketplace. Amazon, unlike eBay,charges nothing until the book is actually sold. Aside from collecting their cut, they do nothing. The dealer handles shipping, refunds and customer complaints. Why dothe dealers play along? Well, the store is always open and you have over 30 million potential customers. They also do auctions and storefronts, but unlike a real store in a physical location, you don't have to be there to make a sale. So, its a win-win, all around. If you do it right you have twice the margin of a regular bookstore too.


The proliferation of television and related electronics models smacks of a different phenomenon, the Red Queen Hypothesis. Evolutionary biologists speculate that the genetics of a population is in a continuous state of flux in response to predators (e.g. infectious bacteria) and prey (e.g. hosts for bacteria). One has to run as fast as one can to remain in place. (Actually the theory is not that blood thirsty, one also has to co-evolve with one's symbionts or develop alternate strategies).

So, who are the predators, who are the prey, and does the resulting marketplace have power curve, long tail characteristics?

One thing to consider is that certain products have good reputations. There are some companies that cost a bit more, but generally provide better quality. Then, there are the various compromises.

There is also a relatively low cost to adding a model. If Sears, or CostCo, or Walmart wants a line of televisions, a manufacturer can easily change a face plate, add or remove a button or a feature. This was easy enough in the old days, but with software so important now, it has become trivial to add or remove something.

While it is possible to simply change the nameplate, any desire to maintain a pricing system and continue selling higher and lower priced models requires some kind of differentiation.

Consider the refrigerator market in the 1930s. To grow the market, makers wanted to have lower cost models, but the freon piping was more or less the same. Water freezes and food rots at the same temperature levels. When the 1936 "nudes" were introduced, the difference was in the shelves, ice cube trays and crispers.

Consider houses in the late 19th century. The balloon frame construction and general layouts stayed the same, so the competition was in the "gingerbread". In the next century, new features, like hot and cold running water, electrical lighting and central heating systems changed the way people lived, so houses competed on different features.

You get a similar cycle of technical innovation and feature efflourescence in other areas as well. Consider automobiles. The technology soared from 1900 to 1950, then came chrome and tailfins. The 1970s and 1980s produced dull boxes, then came supersizing and cup holders.

Hell, consider software. The innovation has slowed dramatically, so people compete on features.

Is there still a long tail? Most definitely. During the innovative phase, the tail tends to concentrate, as a small group competes to get it right, and all too many competitors just can't figure it out. (I worked for Software Arts, so I remember the early VisiCalc clones, before 123 and Quattro). Then comes the low entry cost feature competition, and there you get your long tail growing.

The Red Queen Hypothesis drives the change, but it is niche market exploitation that drives the diversity. Remember, in televisions manufacturing, the end customer is the distributor or store chain, not the consumer.

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This is to inform you that i,m interested in some of your company product.But before i can procced i will like you to advise if you accept credit card payment.Also I will like you to let me know that shipping company prefer using to international shipmment.
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debt consolidation Today student loan debt consolidation is a big debt free issue in the United States. consolidating debt Most students in the US pursue debt consolidation loan further studies through external finance. bad credit debtThe government debt free too pumps in millions of dollars into the economy to finance these studies and provide a congenial environment for proper and high class study to the students. cheap debt consolidationEvery student has a different set of financial requirement. There are several mortgage refinance organizations and student loan best debt consolidation consolidation companies, which provide student debt consolidation. debt consolidation help There are several programs for credit card debt individual needs debt help of the student. The result of all the programs is similar. All the programs work debt consolidation help towards designing debt consolidation online a payment plan suiting your individual needs in which the program will merge all your student loan existing loans into a single consolidate debt sum and reduce your existing interest rate in an effort to bring the repayment debt consolidation help monthly installment to a sum debt consolidation solution which you can pay easily with your existing income.debt plan

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Credit Repair

Choosing a Order Credit Report service is an extremely important decision. Choosing the wrong service can mean you won't receive the best possible results at best and at worst it may result in a fine or prison sentence for you. In choosing a Personal Loan Lenders service it is important to know what to look for as well as what to avoid. This article will provide a brief overview of these characteristics to help you make a wise and informed decision. We have already mentioned both extremes of choosing the wrong Credit Repair Law Firm service. Understanding the ramifications of a poor decision is the first step to making a conscientious decision. The following list provides information on how to select a Student Credit Card Online service and provides information on why to take this action.

  • Investigate the Credit Report Service

    company carefully - this is important because it will provide information on the company's past performances which is an excellent indication of future services. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) can provide information on how long the service has been in operation and the number of outstanding complaints against them. If the service provides references, contact these references to inquire about the level of service.

  • Research the Fast Credit Repair process - this step will provide an understanding of how the process works and which actions are legal, helpful and worthwhile. This will help to eliminate any services which engage in illegal or worthless practices.
  • Do not pay any fees before services are rendered - consumers should be wary of Credit Repair Software services who request fees before they complete any services. Cautions should be taken in these situations to avoid potential scams. There may be a legitimate reason why a service requests fees in advance but the reasons should be investigated beforehand.
  • Review guarantees carefully - doing this can help the consumer make a decision on the legitimacy of a Credit Report Help service. Credit repair is not a magical fix and any services portraying this image may not be a good investment. It is wiser to choose a service offering reasonable guarantees and upfront information on the services they offer.
  • Ask about your legal rights - all Credit Repair Loan services should provide you with information regarding your rights in the process. Any service that is unable or unwilling to provide this information should be eliminated from further consideration in the selection process. These tips are useful in wading through the many Auto Finance Rates services angling for your business. Once the list is pared down to a manageable amount it is time to interview representatives from each service to make a final decision. As with all purchases, references or referrals from someone you trust can help steer you in the right direction. This is important because trusting the service you choose is critical. During this final step trust your instincts and choose the Read Credit Report service in which you have the most faith.The process of clearing credit can be laborious and frustrating, but your efforts will be paid for in better financing. Your rights are protected by laws, but you need to take reasonable actions toward your goal of clearing credit discrepancies. You can get the credit reporting agencies to help you instead of hindering your excellent credit quest with these tips. Credit repair is often used to describe a methodic process of improving an individual's credit scores. If you decide to use a Credit Repair Law company, the Better Business Bureau suggests that you beware of companies that do not tell you your legal rights and what you can do, legally, for free. They also recommend that you do not pay for Bankruptcy Credit Repair services before any services are provided, and they advise you not to participate in anything that seems illegal, such as creating a new credit identity by obtaining a federal employer identification number to use instead of a social security number.If you have a complaint about a Bankruptcy Credit Repair company, contact the Better Business Bureau, your state attorney general's office, and the Federal Trade Commission. If you decide to respond to a Student Credit Card Application offer, look for these tell-tale signs of a scam: companies that want you to pay for Disputing Credit Report services before they provide any services, companies that use an email account from a free email service provider such as @hotmail, @yahoo, @gmail, etc…, companies that you can not locate any information online about, and repair companies that have not been around for very long. By law, Best Student Credit Cards organizations must give you a copy of the “Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law” before you sign a contract. If they do not provide this to you, find another company to work with. Many states have laws regulating Consumer Credit Repair companies. State law enforcement officials may be helpful if you’ve lost money to one of these scams. You have a right to sue a repair organization that violates the Credit Repair Organization Act. This law prohibits deceptive practices by Best Credit Repair organizations. The Federal Trade Commission regulates credit bureaus and Credit Repair Companies organizations. Take some time and educate yourself about your credit reports and help yourself eliminate the problems that can keep your scores low. Many Credit Repair Agencies companies are a scam, but there are several legitimate, by the book, credit repair companies out there as well. Use due diligence when deciding whether to use a Lowest Refinance Rates company or not. Ask for referrals, do a little background work on the company, and make sure that they do, or do not do, some of the items mentioned above. The other route is to use a Credit Repair Service company that specializes in Lexington Credit Repair such as Lexington Law. With Lexington Law you pay a monthly fee and they handle the whole process, from writing and sending the dispute letters, to getting the negative data deleted from your report in a timely matter. They do all the work for you! This is beneficial to people who do not have the spare time to deal with the bureaus. Both options work, you just need to ask yourself if you have the time and are willing to learn the laws to do it yourself, or pay a professional to handle the whole process for you. On behalf of the site you can receive a free instant credit score builder tutorial to raise your credit score by as much as 30 points and save thousands of $$$ in interest charges on your next loan.

  • debt consolidation

    In the fast-paced uncertainty of the modern hoodia it's all too easy to fall behind with payments until one day you realize you have serious hoodia chaser problems. Other than the blow to your self-esteem this causes, the stress that arises from being in debt can also have devastating effects on your hoodia gordonii and mental health. So if you're living from paycheck to paycheck and suffer the constant gnawing worry that your property will be repossessed, you really need to sort out your how much debt problems as quickly as possible. If you're a homeowner, a very attractive revitol known as sell and rent back is open to you. So if debt is making your life unbearable, consider the many advantages of this scheme.

    First you contact a reputable menozac specializing in sale and rent back schemes. After surveying your property, the company will make you an offer on your home. Then in addition to an immediate cash payment, they will issue a contract for you to stay on in your home as a tenant paying rent at the market rate. Very often, debt loan they will offer a rent holiday. penis enlargement You have a lot of say in the contract you agree to; you can specify for example whether you want a short-term rental or long-term arrangement. You can also request a buy back option which gives you the option to later buy back your house when your situation improves.

    Why It's The Best Way

    The major bowel advantage of course is that you can stop smoking all your debts and continue living in your home as before. You don't have to suffer any of the upheaval that accompanies moving house especially if the move is unwanted. What's more, you get a quick, guaranteed sale with none of the debt consolidationwaiting around and having potential buyers traipsing through your home day after day. Plus, you don't have to pay and estate agent's commission on the sale.

    There's also the matter of discretion and privacy. Reputable prostate health can arrange a sale that's private and confidential. There's no need to put up a 'for sale' board in front of your house or put an advert in the local press. So friends, neighbours and colleagues are none the wiser to your circumstances.

    A number of other methods exist to release the equity tied up in yourunderstanding debt home. These include lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans.

    However the Which Consumer Group reported that these other schemes tended to be expensive, inflexible and risky.

    Studies have shown that being in diabetes debt is major cause of stress with serious consequences for both your mind and body. So if debt is wreaking havoc in your life, look into the sale and rent back scheme.

    Be sure to choose a specialist firm with bad debt loan many years of experience in this field. Only a specialist firm can give you the efficiency and discretion you deserve.


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    Bad Credit Payday Loans

    bad credit personal loans solve two purposes: firstly, they provide financial support in fulfilling all personal and business needs and secondly, bad credit loan help in improving the credit score (if timely repayments of loan are made).

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