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July 07, 2005


bob dowling

chris i tihnk this theory relates to every intelectual property industry and highlights the significance of editors in every discipine of entertainment

Matt Hulbert

I'm not a regular at Wal-Mart, but I don't think they carry 5,000 *albums* but 5,000 *cd's*. 15 copies of Britney Spear's latest album only counts as one, doesn't it?

chris anderson


Good clarification--I should have been more precise in my wording. By my count the average Wal-Mart carries about 4,200 *unique titles*. There are often multiple copies of each.

Robert Sherrod

Aren't Walmart's 80,000 CDs in their online store part of the long tail. Why do you only focus on the 4,000 titles in their brick-and-mortar outlets?



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aion kinah

Some of this is due to the statistical effect of Wal-Mart carrying fewer CDs and the vertical line below shifting to the left.

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