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August 02, 2005


Ross Mayfield

Please do make it a chapter, you haven't found the chasm yet.

Richard MacManus

I would suggest the "original creator" and "enthusiast" personas, although relevant in the AMV community, are a lot more blurred in other forms of new media - e.g. blogging, photography, writing. The AMV community still requires expensive equipment etc in order to "create", whereas with a lot of other new media virtually anyone anywhere can be a creator.

Ryan Shaw

Richard--no doubt, there are often not clear divisions among these roles. Also, I should point out that the corners of the matrix are meant to be activities, not kinds of people. So, for example, a Flickr user might fluidly switch between creating and uploading her original media, to enthusiastically tagging and commenting on others' photos, to passively watching photos roll in on an RSS feed, to Photoshopping a CC-licensed photo that catches her eye and re-uploading it... The point of the diagram is simply to emhasize that all of these activities generate different kinds of metadata that potentially can be used to support the other activities.

Ryan Shaw

I've posted an updated version of my diagram, which I think corrects some of the deficiencies of the original.

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